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We are currently improving our data base of Alumni. If you are a past resident of St Raphael's College, St Paul's College, the Combined Catholic Colleges, the Catholic College of St Raphael and St Paul or Saints Catholic College at James Cook University in Townsville, we would encourage you to make contact and send us your details.

Please contact us via this email address [email protected] and let us know your full name, current postal address, email address and phone number. As well, let us know the years you were resident at the College and in which College or Wing you were housed. It would also be helpful to add your university qualifications and the type of work you are currently involved in, but this is optional.

We are also seeking employer-mentors from among our alumni who may be able to offer time to providing short periods of work experience to our senior residents. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this initiative.

Register to our Alumni Database