The College has a number of people in service positions that are always happy to assist you by providing information, helping with academic or personal matters or just being a good listener. They are concerned for your welfare and are generally available after hours to support or guide you in a variety of areas. Sometimes things can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming and it's good to know you have someone to turn to for help or guidance.

Our Pastoral Team consists of the Principal and Deputy Principal, two Residential Life Supervisors (RLSs), four Senior Residential Assistants (SRAs) and sixteen Residential Assistants (RAs).  All of the Pastoral Team (with the exception of the Principal) lives on College.

Principal and Deputy Principal

The Deputy Principal resides at the College; however both the Principal and Deputy Principal are available to assist residents during and after office hours.

RLSs (Residential Life Supervisors)

Residential Life Supervisors are employed to give after-hours assistance and support to Senior RAs and RAs.  However they are also available to assist you, particularly after hours. 

The RLSs may have external employment throughout the week but are available after hours.

Senior RAs (Senior Residential Assistants) and Floor RAs (Residential Assistants)

A Senior Residential Assistant is appointed to each of the four buildings of Saints Catholic College.  Senior RAs are supported by Residential Assistants who are appointed to each floor of each building.  The Senior RAs and RAs are responsible for the students on their floor or area and are pivotal in establishing a feeling of community and belonging among their residents.

Senior RAs and RAs are chosen for a number of qualities including leadership and a sense of community. They receive comprehensive training before undertaking the role and are able to support residents throughout their stay in the College; particularly in those first anxious weeks when everything is new and perhaps a little bewildering.

Residents are encouraged to get to know their floor RA so they can feel comfortable approaching them for assistance as they are able to help with a wide range of situations or problems.

Duty RAs/Security Officer

Members of the Pastoral Team are rostered for duty every evening. Two RAs are on duty between 7pm and 11pm on weeknights and all day on weekends. Each evening they operate from the Dining Room. They make regular rounds of the College to ensure standards of behaviour and noise is at acceptable levels. They are also available to help any students who may have accidentally locked themselves out of their rooms or who may need to report or discuss something that has been worrying them

Duty RAs are readily accessible by phone or in the dining room and their names and phone numbers are posted prominently in the College.

After 11pm the College employs a security officer to patrol the College grounds and assist the residents. Residents can feel secure knowing that there is always someone on duty to help them.