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There is a regular bus service to the University and a number of buses stop at different points around the university. You can find timetable and bus route information by accessing the Sunbus website.

The closest bus-stop to the College is opposite the University Bookshop. It's a short walk there - about the distance of a city block. Remember to have small notes or change available for the driver.

According to the Translink website:  “To travel on tertiary concession fares in regional Queensland (outside the gocard network) you will need to apply each year for a tertiary concession sticker on your current student ID. The tertiary concession sticker allows you to travel on tertiary concession fares on qconnect public transport services in regional Queensland only.”  For more information please refer to the College Handbook.

There is of course the Residents Courtesy Car which can be booked for 2 hour periods for use in the Townsville Area limits by any resident with a valid drivers license. All Fuel and Insurance is covered by the College.