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The Saints Advantage

Saints Residents Courtesy Car

Saints Catholic College provides a full-service vehicle (fuel, insurance, roadside assist etc) for residents to use for their personal needs whilst at college.

The car is currently a Holden Cruze Hatchback with a beautiful leather interior. The car has multiple recording cameras and a GPS unit and can be used by valid driver's license holding residents to enjoy Townsville.

Whether it's a shopping trip, a trip to the beach, or even picking up parents from the airport, they simply sign out the vehicle and sign it back in when they return.

Streaming TV Services

We have all of these streaming services on every common room TV on college.

That's right, watch your favourite shows and select from a long list of movies on our huge 75" HDTV's to ensure your down time is most definitely not down.

We will also have Main Event on Kayo Sports in the Bongo Bar at least once a month for those boxing, UFC and WWE fans.

Just see your Student Association Bongo Rep to see what event they have chosen for the month, or maybe do some convincing to get the specific event you want ;o)

Not forgetting of course, we still have a PS4 and PlayStation Plus on every common room TV.

So, if you are more about getting your game on over movie time, we've got you covered.

Welcome & Loyalty Packs

To ensure you are part of the Saints Family you will receive your welcome Pack in your first year and your loyalty Packs in each consecutive year.

First Year: Saints Branded - Beach Towel, Gym Towel, Stainless Steel Drink Bottle, Stainless Steel Coffee Cup, Bucket Hat, Sunscreen, Face Paint & Tote Bag. Many of these have colour choices and the drink Bottle and Coffee Cups are engraved with your name or nick name etc.

Second Year: Saints Branded - Portable Speaker, Portable 50000 mAh Battery Packs, Laptop Backpack & Choice of Cap, Cowboy hat or Sunhat, Sunscreen & Face Paint.

Third Year: Saints Branded - Personalised Pen & Diary Set, Portable Laptop Table, Saints Mascot Bongo Plush Toy, Sunscreen & Face Paint.

Fourth Year and Beyond: It's a surprise ;o)

Academic Mentoring Program, Counselling Services & Pastoral Care Support

At Saints we try to ensure the smooth transition form Secondary Education to University Studies, which can be a very different and daunting change for some new Residents. All First Year residents receive at no cost an Academic Mentor to do group or in some cases one on one study assistance. It is our goal to assist you (your child) to not only have an amazing social experience, but also keep on track academically. If you (your child) are ever struggling in a subject we can also provide a personal tutor at no cost.

We also have on site staff to assist with pastoral, emotional and mental health assistance. Whether it is the stress of exams, relationship issues, difficulty fitting in or adjusting to college life or just plain home sickness, we have professional staff on-site to assist you through the tough times and cheer you on during the good times. We also have access to professional Counselling Services which residents upon request can have multiple sessions at no cost (either face to face or via Zoom). All interactions are strictly confidential with the resident and remain that way unless otherwise instructed by the resident. Your privacy and respect is paramount to us.

Saints Free Family Accommodation

So, you want to visit your child at college?

At Saints we believe that the occasional family visit is good for the soul and as such provide Saints residents 3 days a year in which their immediate family (or legal guardians) can visit on-site.

The room is a small self-contained room with kitchenette and ensuite and a double bed.

Bookings are required and the rooms are of course subject to availability.

Meals are also provided free of charge during your stay and provided in the College Dining Hall.

Note: This room is not available during Orientation Weeks.

Saints Wellness Centre

Here at Saints we have our own Wellness Centre complete cardio and weights gym and free Group Fitness Program for our residents, including Pilates & Yoga etc.

We are always on the look out for additional activities for the program, so if you are a qualified instructor yourself (not just fitness minded), let us know and we can see what we can organise with a discount to your accommodation fees for presenting classes/lessons etc.

Saints Loyalty and Discount Program

At Saints we have several discount options for residents and even a loyalty program.

Existing Resident Referral Discount
Discount Details Qualification Criteria
5% Referral Discount Refer a new Resident who signs on to stay at Saints and receive a discount for that contract year. These are cumulative for each referral. These are for the single year only and do not continue into future periods.
$10 per week Early Payment Discount A $10 per week discount off accommodation fees is available for full payment of the yearly account by 20th February each year.

As a new Resident we offer the following Discount options. Please note that percentage discounts are not accumulative and only one can be applied per accommodation contract. The additional Early Payment Discount can then also be applied if this payment option is selected.

New Resident Discount Options



Qualification Criteria


1st year Students that attended a Catholic Secondary School Discount

To qualify for discount, provide proof of enrolment and a character reference letter from your Principal


Parent or immediate family member working for a Catholic Diocese organisation Discount.

To qualify for discount, a letter is required providing proof of their employment.


College Loyalty Discount - An immediate family member has been a resident of Saints Catholic College or the former St Paul’s or St Raphael’s Colleges.

Provide information of person’s name and year of attendance.


Family Discount – 5% off fees for families paying for 2 immediate family members at Saints Catholic College. The discount is applied to all sibling accommodation invoices.

To qualify the 1st sibling has a full year contract in the simultaneous year.

$10 Per week

Early Payment Discount

A $10 per week discount off accommodation fees is available for full payment of the yearly account by 20th February.

Saints Additional Fee Transparency 

Ever wondered what the additional Administration fee charged by Colleges is for, or why there are a list of other additional fees that can total to almost $1000? So do we!!

At Saints we believe in justification and full transparency of our fees.

You will also notice that others have an Administration fee plus many additional fees that we already include in our Entrance fee:

Entrance Fee
Administration & Room Key $25 Administration to set up accounts etc & Electronic or Metal key depending on room allocation.
College Photos $25 Your choice of print or digital
Saints Welcome & Loyalty Packs $50 See our section below on Welcome & Loyalty Packs
Saints Student Association Fee $150 Given to the Saints Student Association to cover numerous events and activities
IT Infrastructure $200 To replace/upgrade/maintain our IT items in computer rooms and unlimited internet and WiFi
Building Fee $100 For the refurbishment of rooms and other building upgrades
Common Room Equipment $75 To replace and update electronic and electrical equipment (TV's, PS4's, fridges, microwaves etc)
Activities & Equipment $75 Ensures updating, maintenance and costs of Gymnasium and Sporting equipment and activity program etc.
TOTAL $700

Refrigerator Fee
$300 An annual fee for your under-fridge catchment tray and an allowance for the additional electricity

Note: Only a bar-size fridge is allowed and it is to be supplied by the resident themselves.

Apart from the above, everything else for the academic year (term of your contract) is included in your Accommodation fees. This includes but is not limited to the following:

All Dining hall Food and Beverages such as Barista Coffees, Smoothie Bar & Ice Cream Machine, Washing Machines, Computer Rooms, Printing, Binding Service, End of Semester Storage, Bishops Dinner, Valedictorian Dinner, Car Parking, Linen, Weekly Room Cleaning and much much more…..

Saints Party Pizza Station & Exam Time Energy Station

Friday 10pm to Sunday 8am - make your own Pizza station is available for Residents ONLY. It is also made available on special event days/evenings as per the Student Association event schedule.

During Exam weeks we provide Energy Care packs to all residents and also have an all day energy station in the dining hall complete with energy drinks, lollies, chocolate bars and more healthy options like fruit & grain wave chips etc to ensure you keep your brain active and eyes open for those study sessions and exams.

Formal Dress Hire for our Saints Ladies

Don't have a formal outfit for that special event, on or off college.

Dont Panic!!!! and Don't go and spend a fortune buying or hiring one.

We have our very own formal dress service on college with over 70 Outfits with sizes 6 - 30.

How Much does it cost? FREE if returned clean (You can hand clean, but NO washing machines with these dresses), OR the cost of dry cleaning if returned in need of cleaning.....;o(

Come down and see our friendly Receptionist Gina (Your surrogate mum here at Saints) and she will help you to find that special something from our collection. 

We now also have a good selection of very classy dress necklaces and earrings to match.