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Community life & expectations

Living in an on-campus college is very convenient. The University is only a short walk away; you have a nice place to live and because all your meals are provided you don't have the hassles of grocery shopping, cooking and washing up!  So what are the other positives about living in on-campus accommodation and living at Saints Catholic College in particular?

Saints Catholic College is a great place for making friends, networking with residents in your course at your own year level and above, and finding the support you need either personally or academically. We have an Academic Support Program for first-year students to help you with your transition from high school learning to university-style study. We also have a strong Pastoral Care team made up of Residential Assistants who are senior residents, Residential Supervisors, and the pastoral care & Resident Services Supervisor. Everyone is concerned for your wellbeing as an individual - whether it be personally, academically, physically, psychologically or spiritually - and we will support you wherever we can.

AND ...

The best part about living at Saints Catholic College is the community spirit. Although the College has four separate Wings - and each Wing has its own distinctive spirit - when everyone comes together for meals, Intra-College Sports or other Intra-College activities we are one big family with everyone feeling a sense of pride and belonging.

This sense of belonging comes from each person making an individual effort to become involved in College life and being willing to contribute. As a member of the College you will be encouraged to participate in college life at a level which is comfortable for yourself. This might include getting involved in the Winna Shield Inter-College sports, going down to the games to cheer for the College, being involved in the Inter-College Music Competition, participating in the community activities or simply being observant and having a meal with someone sitting alone to make them feel part of the community.

Mutual respect and ongoing personal development are highly valued at Saints Catholic College in both an academic and social sense. When you are living in a community it is necessary for everyone to give and take. For example respecting your neighbours who are studying by not turning your music up or having loud conversations near their doors. It could also mean not leaving a mess in your floor common room so it is always a welcoming place for everyone in your area. This empathy and concern for others is in keeping with our Catholic Christian heritage and helps you to grow as an individual and to build the College spirit.

When you apply to come to Saints Catholic College we would like you to consider your talents and strengths and let us know how you think you can contribute to the community spirit within the College, either in your first year or later. You might have outstanding academic or sporting ability, be a great organiser, love music, have been in leadership roles, been involved in community activities or are sociable and make friends easily. What will you contribute to the ongoing spirit of the College? Let us know when you apply online.