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Free Services

The College offers a number of free services for the benefit of its students. These are outlined below:

Academic Mentoring

During first semester all first year students are allocated to an Academic Mentor Group. A senior student is appointed as a mentor for up to ten students in their course. Being part of a mentor group helps students settle into university life with others from their course and it provides a supportive environment for them. Attendance is compulsory for the first term and attendance is flexible after that.


The housekeepers will make up your bed for your arrival. Your bed will have a mattress protector, two sheets, a pillow and pillowcase as well as a quilted bedspread. After that you can exchange your used sheets and pillow case for fresh linen once a week with your building housekeeper.

You are welcome to bring your own sheets and quilt if you prefer but you will have to launder them yourself. Why not take advantage of this free service so as to reduce your time doing chores!


Laundry facilities are available in each building/wing of the College for residents personal use. Washing machines are free but the dryers are coin-operated. There is also outdoor hanging space available at all the Wings.

Students need to supply their own washing powder, pegs and laundry basket.

Computer Rooms/Printing

Each building of the College has its own computer room with computers linked to the JCU network. They are available for your convenience in case you don't have your own PC, laptop or tablet.

Free printing is also available in each building however you will need to supply your own good quality printing paper (80gsm is highly recommended).

Room Internet Connection

Each study bedroom in the College has an internet connection where you can set up your own PC or laptop. You can buy an internet cable from the office if you need one. Wi-Fi is available in the main Dining Room and Function Room in St Raphael's Wing. Students often bring their laptops/tablets down to these areas so they can study with their friends throughout the day and evenings.

Technological Support

Technological assistance is available at the College for basic internet set-up needs or simple troubleshooting. You need to be responsible for any time-consuming problems or repairs.

An added benefit of College life is there are generally other students available to assist with technical problems.

All residents are strongly encouraged to have a reputable anti-virus program in their computer which is updated regularly.  The University provides Sophos antivirus as a free service to students and this can be downloaded from the JCU Website.


Televisions with FOXTEL connection are available in each of the common rooms situated throughout the College. You can watch sports or a movie with other members of your floor and it's a great way to relax and socialise at the same time.

Music Room

The College has a soundproofed Music Room in the St Raphael's Wing.  An upright piano is available as well as an electronic keyboard and drum kit.  All College students can use this room for practice because we know you won't want to lose the skills you've gained over many years.  

Two other pianos which residents can also use for practice  are located in the function room at St Raphael's.

Parking Space

There are plenty of parking spaces for students' vehicles throughout the College. Students are required to register their vehicle at the office so that if the vehicle needs to be moved for any reason, we know who to contact.