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Academic Mentor Groups

At the College you are encouraged to make your academic commitments a priority and strive for academic excellence.

At the start of the academic year all first year students at the College are allocated to an academic support group. The group leader (Academic Mentor) is a senior student from your (or an allied) course who has done well academically and who is keen to help residents do well in their academic work.

Each group has no more than ten students and generally meets once per week. Attendance is compulsory in the first term to help get you started with your university course. The Academic Mentor is able to answer questions to help you with your study, explain what's required in the various subjects, advise you who to contact if you need assistance with lecturers and how to plan for tests and assignments. Nearer exam time they will help you to understand what's required and how best to prepare for your exams.

They will also see you individually outside the group meeting to see how you are going and will be able to help you with specific questions or problems at this time too.

Private Tutoring is also available at no cost if you are struggling with a subject. Just contact your Academic Mentor or our Pastoral Care and Resident Services Supervisor.