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College Policies

The College has a number of policies of which you, as a parent, may wish to be aware. Below are the policies relating to Alcohol and Harassment. For further information about the College Code of Conduct and other College rules and expectations you may wish to read the College handbook.


The responsible use of alcohol is permitted in the College. However, any anti-social behaviour related to excessive alcohol use is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Being drunk will not be accepted as an excuse for such misbehaviour, rather, it will be regarded as a second offence.

Legal drinking age

The legal drinking age is 18. Underage consumption of alcohol or distribution of alcohol to persons under 18 years of age is ILLEGAL.

Where alcohol can be consumed

Alcohol should only be consumed in individual study bedrooms. In some circumstances, permission is given for the consumption of alcohol in common rooms. Other areas may be approved by the Principal/Assistant Principal on a case by case basis.


Groups of residents are not permitted to gather for the purpose of parties/social gatherings in individual rooms or common rooms at the College.

Requests for parties/functions on College premises (eg in floor common rooms), including those gatherings where alcohol is intended to be consumed, must receive prior permission from the Principal or Assistant Principal or other person in authority.

Drinking in public areas

The consumption of alcohol in any public area (including College grounds), without permission, is not allowed.

Under no circumstances should residents move between College buildings with open bottles etc of alcohol.

Distilling/brewing on the premises

The distilling or brewing of alcohol on College property is strictly prohibited.


Saints Catholic College has a special quality of commitment and friendliness. The size of the College allows all residents the opportunity to meet other people from diverse backgrounds, and to make and maintain positive relationships. The College actively promotes an harassment-free existence whilst students are in residence. Policies are in place to protect both the rights and the confidentiality of all residents who consider that they have been subjected to harassment or intimidation, whether physical, psychological or sexual.

Any form of harassment, ie where a person engages in behaviour towards another which they could possibly find offensive, humiliating, threatening or intimidating, will not be tolerated. The basic elements of harassment are coercion by one person and unwillingness on the part of another. Serious action will be taken against offenders.

"O" Week activities

Residents should not feel coerced into participating in any Orientation Week activities which they find intimidating, offensive or humiliating. If you do not feel comfortable with an activity you do not need to participate. Support can be obtained from any member of the pastoral team.

Reporting of incidents of harassment

Residents are encouraged to report incidents they consider to be harassment to the attention of the Principal/Assistant Principal as soon as they occur. If the matter is deemed to be serious, the Principal/Assistant Principal may refer residents to JCU Equal Opportunity office or JCU Discrimination advisors.

Inter-Collegiate Policy

Harassment and Discrimination

1. The JCU Halls of Residence and Affiliated Colleges assert and affirm their responsibility for the maintenance of residential communities of students of the University which are free of discrimination and harassment.

2. The Colleges and Halls of Residence are bound under the JCU Policy on Discrimination and Harassment and by State and Commonwealth Law in these matters

3. All Affiliated Colleges and Halls of Residence will ensure that instruction on the University and College/Hall policies on discrimination and Harassment is made a mandatory part of Orientation Week programs for all new residents.

4. Any complaints arising from alleged acts of discrimination or harassment will be dealt with by the Head of Hall or College expeditiously and in conformity with the JCU Policy.

5. Heads of Colleges and Halls will take action to prohibit any form of institutionalised harassment of new or continuing student residents through songs, chants, "initiation" ceremonies or required uniforms or items of clothing of a degrading nature.

6. All College /Hall Orientation and other student activities will require voluntary participation by residents and the decision of a resident not to engage in any activity will be supported by the College or Hall Management and staff.

7. All Colleges and Halls will ensure that this Policy is reproduced each year in the College/Hall Handbook and distributed to all residents on arrival.