Incorporating the former colleges of St Raphael and St Paul
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The College employs a number of housekeeping staff. Where possible each housekeeper is responsible for one building or Wing. This allows each housekeeper to get to know their residents so that the resident feels comfortable approaching the housekeeper for housekeeping needs.

The student bedrooms are cleaned once a week and the communal areas, such as bathrooms and common rooms, are cleaned three times per week.

Each floor is allocated the same cleaning day throughout the year to make it easier for residents to tidy up in advance and make your room available for cleaning.  The cleaning cost is incorporated into the overall weekly fees.

The housekeepers prepare the rooms for new arrivals and make up the beds with mattress protector, two sheets, a pillow and pillowcase, and a quilted bedspread. Linen laundering is a free service and residents can exchange used linen for clean each week.

Some students prefer to bring their own sheets and doona/bedspread to make their room feel more homely but the laundering of personal linen is the individual student's responsibility.