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Saints Student Association

The College has a Student Association which subsidises various activities which take place in the College throughout the year.

The Student Association operates autonomously within the College on behalf of residents. Members of the Student Executive are elected by the residents of the College at the end of each year.

Membership of the College Student Association is compulsory with the fee is set by the Student Executive and is payable each year at the commencement of residency within your Entrance Fee collected by the College. These funds are passed to the Student Executive at the completion of all enrolments. Membership of the Association allows costs on various events to be kept to a minimum.

Saints Student Association hosts a diverse range of sporting, cultural and social activities throughout the year such as the following:

  • the Ball/"At Home" Functions
  • a variety of "O" week activities;
  • theme nights and other activities throughout the year.
  • Fisher Shield Sporting Events.
  • Inter-College Concert Competition event.
  • various other social activities.

Events organised, and fees collected by the College's Student Association, are separate from the operations of the College itself, however the College also assists to financially support and ensure risk management protocols are followed etc for various activities organised by the Student Association.

Saints Catholic College Student Association (Saints Student Association) is not associated with the James Cook University Student Association.