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Domestic Students

How do I apply for a room at the College?

The College does not take applications directly unless you are the sibling or close relative of a current or previous resident. In this case a direct application is acceptable. For other applicants you need to apply through the JCU accommodation website.

When do applications open?

Applications through the JCU accommodation website are open from August to obtain an on-campus place for the start of the academic year. If you are applying for accommodation for second semester, applications open from April.

Are there any special requirements for applicants?

It is recommended that you include as much information about yourself as possible (eg interests, hobbies, work experience, medical and dietary issues etc.)

I want to visit the College before I apply. Can I do this?

Yes someone from the office will be able to show you around the College but it is a good idea to call the College office a few days before you plan to come to make an appointment. In busy times two tour times each day are available - morning or afternoon.

I'm not Catholic. Can I still apply for Saints Catholic College?

You don't have to be a Catholic to live at the College. We do ask that you respect the practices and beliefs of all our residents whatever faith or religious denomination they belong to.

When will I know if I have been offered a place at the College?

You will be sent a formal letter of offer from the College. If you have applied through the JCU Accommodation Service you can also check your application status on-line. The JCU Accommodation Service will advise you on how to access this information.

What happens after I accept a place at the College?

You will be sent information so you can enrol on-line.

What happens if I change my mind about coming to JCU or to Saints Catholic College?

This is explained in your formal letter of offer. It is understood that sometimes changes become necessary (eg offers from QTAC, a decision to defer your studies etc). In these cases you will be given the opportunity to decline the College offer.

What is the cost of a room?

Information on all fees is available from the Fee Schedule page.

Can I just take a room for half a year only?

Contracts are for a full year. Breaking a contract can only be done when there are exceptional circumstances and this will incur penalties. If you are starting your university course in second semester you will be offered a half year contract.

I've got a place at the College. What do I have to pack/bring with me?

You only need bring your clothes, personal items and any stationery or study materials you will need for your course. You may want to bring a laptop or your own PC. Bed linen is supplied but you may want to bring your own personal sheets, pillow or bedcover. Townsville has a number of large shopping centres so you can buy large or bulky items after you arrive.

When can I arrive?

For the start of first semester the office is open throughout the weekend prior to Orientation week. You are welcome to arrive between 10am and 4pm either day when you can collect your key and move into your room. You should ensure that your online enrolment is completed before you arrive. For new students starting in second semester you should advise the office of your arrival time so that specific arrangements can be made for you to collect your key. Further details will be included in your letter of offer from the College.

Can I arrive early before the start of "O" week as my Uni preparation course starts in January?

Special consideration for early arrivals may be possible. Please contact the College directly.

Can I bring my car?

There are car parking places available at the College. You should register your vehicle at the office and you will then be given a sticker to put on your car.

I have special dietary requirements. Can the College cater for my needs?

The College caters for residents who are vegetarian or must have gluten free foods. We are trialling providing halal food on a limited basis this year.  These meals will be tagged and available to all residents.  When you apply for a place at the College you should inform us of any special dietary requirements.

I am very tall. Can I get a king single bed?

We have a number of king single beds available. Once you have accepted a place at the College you should let us know your requirements and we will have the king-single bed ready in your room for your arrival.

How do I find out what rules there are at the College?

The College has a comprehensive Handbook which gives you lots of information about the College as well as the rules and requirements of living in a community.

Download the Handbook.