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St Paul's Wing

St Paul's accommodates 150 people in two multi-level buildings.  A Block (O'Leary Wing) houses 78 residents and B Block (Kneipp Wing) houses 72 residents.  Both blocks are co-educational, however each floor is a single gender floor.

The buildings are set in a quiet bushland area and are within easy walking distance of all on-campus facilities. There are grassed areas near the buildings for relaxation or kicking around a football with your mates.

The dimensions of each bedroom within the St Paul’s wings are 3.6m x 2.6m and are all single occupancy rooms.

The St Paul's buildings have been designed to catch the tropical breezes and are cool and airy. Each room opens onto a hallway with floor to ceiling louvres and casement windows. In the non-air-conditioned rooms in St Paul's, as well as the secure room door, there are also louvered doors to allow cross-ventilation through the room.

Every floor has a communal room with lounge suite, 75 inch HD TV with a myriad of streaming services, PS4 and Chromecast, and a kitchenette where residents can make snacks, watch television or just relax with friends. The communal room kitchenettes are equipped with a stove, microwave, jug, toaster and family-sized refrigerator.

The St Paul's community

St Paul's Wing was originally an all-male College but since the 1980s it has also welcomed young women. St Paul's welcomes students from all over North Queensland, other parts of the State and Australia, as well as people from other cultures and countries.

Floor activities are encouraged throughout the year and there is generally a relaxed atmosphere throughout the Wing. As a member of St Paul's Wing and the College, students are encouraged to participate in college life.  Mutual respect and ongoing personal development are highly valued in both an academic and social sense.

St Paul's has a strong tradition of being involved in the regular Inter-College Winna Shield sports competitions held throughout the year at JCU.  The College's Student Association coordinates these activities for the College and students have the chance to participate in a wide range of sports including rugby, water-polo and basketball.  The not-so-sporty residents can enjoy the sporting fun by supporting and attending the games and cheering on the College teams.

The Inter-College Music Competition is held in the later part of the and is where students can demonstrate their talent and love of the performing arts by participating in the groups of singers, dancers or instrumentalists.