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CEO's Welcome

On behalf of the College Council, College Staff and Pastoral Team, I warmly welcome you to the website of Saints Catholic College which is situated on the Townsville campus of James Cook University.

Saints Catholic College strives to provide an atmosphere where all residents can feel a part of a welcoming, friendly and supportive community which allows everyone to achieve to their potential. At capacity, the College has 298 residents which is equivalent to a small community. This sense of community is one of our assets and residents will have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and to make friendships which can last a lifetime.

Our Catholic ethos is also of prime importance to us and we value all people. We are happy to accept residents from all cultures and faith backgrounds and we value mutual respect and ongoing personal development in an academic, social, cultural and spiritual sense.

As stated above, College life is centred on community and necessitates that residents at the College live in close proximity to others. It is a requirement that, at all times, residents show respect and be considerate to the mutual needs of other residents. This means that there will be some expectations regarding the behaviour of our residents. These expectations are related to noise, gatherings, and the use of alcohol and smoking. Of equal importance is respect for others' privacy and property.

We at Saints Catholic College encourage our residents to contribute to the various aspects of University, general community and College life since academic success is often enhanced by participation in cultural, sporting and other activities, including having a balanced social life. We also encourage our residents to collectively contribute some time and effort to various community projects which benefit the wider community or charity groups. These projects are designed to have a minimal impact on residents' time and each project is decided upon by the residents themselves.

We believe that, after reading the information on our website, prospective residents will want to make Saints Catholic College their first accommodation choice and their ‘home away from home' whilst studying at the Townsville campus of James Cook University. We trust that the information provided here will assist prospective residents and their families in making an informed decision concerning accommodation for their young adult student.

Ty Goulter                                                                          

CEO - Head of College

Ty Goulter - CEO