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St Raphael's Wing

St Raphael's houses 55 women and 23 men in two buildings - Grail and Merrick. The Grail Wing is Female Only. The St Raphael buildings are nestled in tropical gardens and surround a grassy courtyard dotted with eucalyptus trees. 

The College administration offices are on the ground floor of the complex and a number of recreational and study areas are located above the offices on the top floor.

The dimensions of the majority of rooms in St Raphael’s are 3.8m x 2.6m and are all single occupancy rooms. 

All rooms in Grail and Merrick Wings have high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and louvres which allow breezes to circulate and, combined with a ceiling fan, each room is comfortable throughout the year. Approximately half the rooms are air-conditioned, and all rooms underwent a soft refurbishment in 2022.

Student Rooms are located on two levels in each building and each level has shared bathroom amenities and kitchenette facilities.  In Grail Wing the kitchenettes are located in the communal lounge rooms which contain a lounge suite, large 75 inch HD TV with a myriad of streaming services, PS4's and Chromecast. Students can make a snack, watch television or relax with fellow students and friends.  Merrick Wing has well equipped kitchenettes on each floor as well as a communal lounge area with a 75 inch HD TV with a myriad of streaming services, PS4 and Chromecast. St Raphael's lounge areas lend themselves to an area for fun more exciting social gathering in the evening or quiet areas during the day for relaxation or study.

St Raphael's is one of our most versatile buildings as it houses the Saints Health & Wellness Centre with a full gymnasium incorporating cardio, cable weight and free weight equipment. The Centre also has a group fitness room with weekly classes such as Pilates and Yoga which are free for all Saints residents. There is a piano in the group fitness room for those wishing to practice and we also have a Music Room located on the ground floor for residents who wish to practice their instruments without disturbing other residents.

Students requiring a quiet place for personal reflection and meditation can access a small sacred space room located on the first floor of Grail Wing.

Security is important and our duty Residential Assistants ensures that the Wing is monitored regularly during the evenings. Although St Raphael's Grail wing is for women only, male friends and relatives may visit although all visitors are required to leave the buildings by 11pm each evening. From 11pm onwards Security Staff patrol the college grounds and buildings ensuring the buildings are secured and all visitors have left. Residents can still access the buildings late at night through either of two late-night doors. 

The St Raph's community

St Raph's has a long history of being a close-knit community with the initial college being developed by the Grail Movement with their commitment to living in a Christian community with justice, solidarity and peace through their daily lives.

Along with young women from all over North Queensland and the rest of Australia, it is welcoming of young women from other cultures and faiths and, current residents willingly offer friendship and support to new residents.   The community spirit is strong and the residents value the support of their peers.

The Senior Residential Assistant (SRA) and Residential Assistants (RAs) ensure that everyone gets to know each other in the early days through activities and get-togethers.

As a member of St Raphael's Wing and the College you will be encouraged to participate in college life at a level which is comfortable for yourself. Mutual respect and ongoing personal development are highly valued in both an academic and social sense.

Many of the residents are keen sportswomen and enter the regular University sponsored Winna Sheild sports. The not-so-sporty residents can enjoy the sporting fun by attending and supporting the games and cheering on the College teams.

In the later part of the year there is an Inter-College Music Competition where students can demonstrate their talent and love of the performing arts by participating in the groups of singers, dancers or instrumentalists.