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Entrance Fee
Administration & Room Key $25 Administration to set up accounts etc & Electronic or Metal key depending on room allocation.
College Photos $25 Your choice of print or digital
Saints Welcome & Loyalty Packs $50 See our section on the Saints Advantage Page for contents of the Welcome & Loyalty Packs
Saints Student Association Fee $150 Given to the Saints Student Association to cover numerous events and activities
IT Infrastructure $200 To replace/upgrade/maintain our IT items in computer rooms and unlimited internet and WiFi
Building Fee $100 For the refurbishment of rooms and other building upgrades
Common Room Equipment $75 To replace and update electronic and electrical equipment (TV's, PS4's, fridges, microwaves etc)
Activities & Equipment $75 Ensures updating, maintenance and costs of Gymnasium and Sporting equipment and activity program etc.
TOTAL $700

NOTE: The criteria for a full refund of our Entrance Fee is:
  - The applicant does not receive a JCU Academic Offer in the Major Round Offer, or has chosen to reject or defer the Academic Offer. 
  - The applicant must inform the College office via email ([email protected]) within 5 working days after the First Major Round Offers.

A refund will not be granted if the applicant choses another on-campus accommodation facility, or choses accommodation off campus.

Resident Service Provision Discounts

Residents who have shown they have the spirit and culture true to Saints Catholic College are eligible to apply for the following discounts by being a functional part of the Saints Resident Support Programs.

  • Academic Mentor - Returning Residents with excellent grades in their course of study present mentoring and study sessions for first year residents to assist their pathway to success in the new form of educational methodology that university study requires. They are rewarded and recognised with a financial discount off their fees for each session presented.
  • Residential Supervisors & Assistants - Returning Residents presenting solid moral character and representing the culture of Saints are hand selected by the Pastoral Care and Resident Services Supervisor and the CEO each year for these positions. They receive a discount off their residential fees and also a room with a private ensuite in their building/floor where they provide assistance and support for their fellow residents. 
  • Student Executives - Elected by the residents each year for various roles, these members of the Saints community are rewarded not only with their fellow residents respect by being elected to these roles, but also with a discount on their accommodation fees. This also applies to one first year resident who is elected after the first initial weeks.

Saints Loyalty & Recognition Programs

2021 will see the launch of the following new benefits and discounts in recognition of current resident (and their families) loyalty and also those new residents joining us from the Catholic Community coming to join us for their initial year of University.

    Existing Resident - Loyalty Program
  • Any Resident who refers a new resident to Saints Catholic College will receive a 5% discount off their own Accommodation Fees (not including Entrance Fee) for that Residential Year. These are offered also as cumulative discounts where more than one referral occurs in the same residential year.
   New Resident - Recognition Program

Any new resident who can display any one of the following will receive a 5% discount off their Accommodation Fees (not including Entrance Fee) for their first year of residency.

  • Joining Saints from a Catholic Education Secondary School (Domestic or International) who provide a reference letter from their School Principal.
  • They have an immediate family member or legal guardian who is, or was, a resident of Saints Catholic College also previously known as St Paul's and St Raphael's Catholic College.
  • They have an immediate family member or legal guardian who is an employee or active volunteer (for more than 12 months) with the Catholic Church (Domestic or International).
See the Saints Advantage Page for more details The Saints Advantage

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