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Orientation Week

Orientation Week at JCU occurs the week before the academic year begins. You will be in a whirlwind week of serious, as well as not-so-serious, fun activities. It's a time to find out about your course and the rooms where your lectures will be held; attend talks in the JCU library to learn about good study habits and how to find what you need in the library; meet new friends and just enjoy the exciting buzz of your first week at uni.

There will be plenty of fun activities, some organised by the University and others by the College. Expect to do fun things, go on outings and be woken up early!  It's fun to participate so you get to know people and build great memories of your College days but you are not expected to participate in any activity where you feel uncomfortable or pushed to be involved. Coercion, bullying or harassment are not tolerated at the College. It is ok for you to say ‘no thanks.' You are able to set the pace for yourself.