At Saints Catholic College we take our duty of care responsibility seriously. We understand that parents want the best accommodation and experience for their young adult children as they leave the familiarity of home to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Parents want to know too that the solid standards of behaviour they have instilled in their children will continue to be valued and that their young adult children will be supported in their transition to independent living after their high school years.

Community life in a College environment can provide young adults with opportunities to grow in all facets of their lives helping them to become well-rounded, responsible and balanced individuals.

At the College we encourage our residents to concentrate on their studies and strive for academic excellence to achieve their personal best. It is a well-documented fact that university students who live and are supported in a collegiate environment do better academically than those who do not.

We also encourage our residents to participate in social, sporting and community-based activities to help them achieve a balanced lifestyle. Through participation the residents grow in their ability to identify as part of a team eg with residents on their floor, wing or the College as a whole; quiet ones are drawn out and a variety of experiences are possible for everyone, within a safe environment.

It is rewarding for us in the pastoral care team to watch as the young adults grow in confidence, maturity and self-assurance during their first year of residency and are then willingly prepared to take on responsibility to help others within the College in the following year - perhaps as a Residential Assistant, an academic mentor or as a member of the College Student Association.