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College Vision & Mission


The College is a community formed and inspired by the Christian message. The College community is comprised of undergraduate students from a wide variety of geographical locations, and, as well as Australian students from the Catholic tradition, the College welcomes others from different faiths and cultures. A number of staff members also live at the College.

Operating within a collegiate environment with an emphasis on community, the aim of the College is to enrich the quality of life of all residents. It does this by fostering Catholic values in an atmosphere which is conducive to the furthering of each individual student's spiritual, academic, cultural, social and sporting interests.

All Residents of the College are encouraged to place their academic studies at the core of their existence whilst living in the College. They are also encouraged to develop spiritually, culturally and socially throughout the period of their residency. Saints Catholic College welcomes students from all cultures and creeds and fosters a warm, friendly and caring environment.

Residents of the College are expected to assume responsibility for their own personal conduct. Their conduct should reflect the values outlined in the College's Code of Conduct which is closely aligned to the University's Code of Conduct. Equally, every Collegian should be prepared to express a practical commitment to respecting and supporting the legitimate rights and values of others. In this way, each student is encouraged to be hospitable, to live simply, to seek truth, to develop their talents and to deepen their spiritual lives.


To deliver affordable College accommodation, pastoral care and a supportive academic environment for students, within a Catholic culture.