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Fully Catered 3 Meals a Day

The College has a large recently refurbished Dining Room and Kitchen which is centrally located to all of the accommodation wings.

The Catering team provides three meals a day, seven days a week which includes a cooked breakfast each day in the dining room.  Several meal choices are available at each meal and an extensive salad bar is available at both lunch and dinner time.  Vegetarians are catered for at each meal and we can usually accommodate those who have special dietary needs. (Please let us know at the time of your application if you have any special dietary needs.)  The College has been trialing the provision of halal meals on a limited basis. On these occasions the halal meal will be tagged as such and will be available for everyone.

Our Chefs have a reputation for providing an excellent variety of good-quality meals which are nutritious and well-balanced. The Chefs and Catering Assistants are always open to meal suggestions from the students so if you miss your mum's home cooking please talk to the Chef/Catering Manager about cooking up your favourite family recipe.

You can prepare a cut lunch at breakfast if your lecture times clash with lunch times. Alternatively, you can order a late meal for lunch or dinner (if you have valid academic, work or sports commitments) and a meal of your choice will be left for you in the dining room fridge.

Once a month a food committee meeting is held to allow residents the opportunity to make suggestions for meals or discuss any concerns they may have. The College constantly endeavours to improve the meals at the College and strives to provide healthy, well-balanced meals to cater for different tastes and requirements.

Meal times are an excellent way for everyone to get to know each other. Often whole floors will line up and sit together at meal-times. You might find someone with a similar interest to yourself or someone from your region. This is a great way to get to know and feel comfortable with the people you live with. Guests are also welcome to eat with you for a small cost or immediate family members can dine with you free of charge up to ten times per semester.

Formal dinners are held twice a year in the dining room; one is for the Bishop's annual visit and the other is to celebrate with the College's Valedictorians - those students who will be graduating at the end of the year. You are encouraged to get involved by helping to set up the tables and decorate the room for these special occasions.