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Saints Residents Courtesy Car

29th July 2020

Saints Resident Courtesy Car

Released July 2020

Yes you read the title correctly. In August 2020 we introduced a Resident Courtesy Car for the residents to book for trips into Townsville for shopping, airport pickups, beach trips etc. It will be available for P Plate and Full Licence drivers and all bookings will be made at reception for a maximum of 2 hours. The car is a great little 2104 Holden Cruze and is fitted with new tyres, front and rear facing video/audio cameras and a GPS tracker to ensure it is used responsibly and only within the Townsville City area. This will be a first for any college residence in Townsville and likely Australia. Just one of the many new and improved resident services that have been introduced in 2020, with more coming soon.

Saints Residents Courtesy Car