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Saints Fitness & Wellness Centre

27th October 2020

Sneak Peak - The Saints New Fitness & Wellness Centre

Saints Catholic College will be unveiling its new fitness and wellness centre later this week.

With a Gym area complete with Cardio Machines, Cable Weight & Plate Loaded Machines, the gym will initially be open from 9am - 10pm with 7pm onwards being for women only.

The Group Fitness area has already been in use with Pilates on a Tuesday morning at 7:30am (presented by Miss Jenia from Palm Cove Pilates) and more classes are coming soon.

Whilst there are more machines coming, a separation mirror wall between the weights and group fitness areas and some inspirational decor still to be added, it was due to open until 2021....but we decided to make it available for the residents sooner rather than later.

So a free Fitness and Wellness Centre is now available for the residents of Saints. Just another Saints Advantage ;o)