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Saints Refurbishment Approved

21st October 2020
Saints Council Approves the EOY 2020 Refurbishment

The Saints Council unanimously passed the 2020 EOY Refurbishment Proposal that will see 170 Rooms have a soft refurbishment before the start of Semester 1 2021.

This means all new residents and of course our returning residents will get a whole new look and feel.

The refurbishment includes new desks, office chairs, QI phone charging desk lamps, desk organiser sets, pintuck quilt sets, hypoallergenic pillows, electrical upgrades, new mirrors, decor items and even some  wall works and a paint job for some rooms.

You can see the new look with some video clips on our Accommodations page for St Pauls and St Raphaels, but here are a few photos to set the scene ;o)